The Shadows of the Travelling Dark That You Must Befriend


Didn’t you feel so remorseful when you asked a friend to join in on a weekend getaway that you had been meaning to take and had amazing plans with your other friends but he/she was too much of a wet towel? The constant nagging about the time, clashes with your idea of relaxation where you want to party all night and talk to strangers but they do not even want to step out. Instead, they want to stay in bed at (even) Comfort Inn and relax with pizza ordered in and some pathetic movie on TV. Does it sound familiar when the travel buddy you asked to accompany you cock-blocks you when you want to flirt with that hottie with a gorgeous smile who, for once, seems interested? Darn, that was an opportunity gone down the drain! Do you not feel pinched when he/she borrows some money from you and promises to pay you back after the trip but in the end dodges the slightest dart aimed at them relevant to that moment in time?

Here are some pointers to keep in mind before you make travel plans with friends and acquaintance